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M.O.W.A represents the spirit of music and dance that left Africa during the middle passage. The middle passage was a period in history in which millions of Africans were forcefully transported to the Americas by Europeans through the triangular slave route which involved West Africa, North America and South America to be sold into enslavement. It's commonplace for movies , plays or stories to tell of the middle passage that focuses largely on the trauma and pain experienced by the Africans who were victimized by it. 

As a result of the African will to survive and an undying lust for life, the vivacious spirit of dancing and drumming once born on the African continent now lives and thrives throughout the caribbean, The Americas, Asia and the World. In an effort to highlight the strength and endurance of the African creative soul, we endeavor to tell you a story that depicts the artistic beauty of how African culture recreated itself again and again in the African Diaspora and beyond. 

With M.O.WA our goal is to transform pain into musical pleasure and to use African percussion as a language of intellectual persuasion for those unaware of the fact that the African tragedy is also an artist story of a brilliant African triumph! 

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